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Acoustics, aesthetics, advantages.

To create something that lasts. To develop something that speaks equally to the eyes and ears. To design something that brings experience, tradition and craftsmanship together with the latest technology. To bring forth works that are not just of their time, but ahead of their time.

That is our challenge. And our promise. It is based on the best possible synthesis of acoustics and aesthetics, and it’s found in AURUM speakers.

An AURUM is not just any nice-sounding speaker. AURUM is backed by a philosophy that has been thought though to the last detail. An AURUM speaker is not developed just with our mind, but with our lifeblood. And AURUM speakers are not bought just with the mind, but also with the heart.


fairaudio Oktober 2014 - Review for AURUM VULKAN VIII R

"The Quadral Aurum Vulkan VIII R is distinguished by:

  • high transparency from top to bottom
  • the best fine and broad dynamics
  • a deep-reaching, very contoured and mature bass range that never exceeds it limits
  • superbly balanced tones, very lucid and transparent mid-ranges with excellent acoustic reproduction
  • an exquisitely fast, breezy, precise and therefore non-sharp yet pungent high frequency range
  • a deeply involved box design with excellent directional precision and more than adequate plasticity
  • high peak consistency yet the Vulkan also plays quietly and accurately
  • a very clean workmanship, undeniably use of premium materials for the requested money
    The visual appearance of some sub-sections could be a little more convincing."

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Read more, Hungary, April 4, 2014 - Review for AURUM ALTAN VIII


+ using excellent quality base materials
+ unique designed base units
+ extra care taken during manufacturing

- missing the fullness of deep sounds at certain musical styles



Mapping sound 95%
Dynamic 90%
Design 100%
Assembling quality 100%
Controllabillity 95%

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Read more, 13th August, 2014 - Review for AURUM MONTAN VIII

"Plain speaking

Aurum’s Montan VIII is the top-class speaker for hi-fi fans who want easy-going and superb music reproduction. It is free from any gimmickry and flippant tonality it will bring you timeless as well as sustained listening pleasure. The tremendous broadband capability, the potent bass reproduction and the excellent reproduction all ensure that the Montan VIII’s highlight award from AV-Magazine was totally justified." HIGHLIGHT

Sound: very good - outstanding
Configuration: very good
Workmanship: very good

Classification: High End
Price/Performance ratio: good

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Read more, review 06/2014 - Review for AURUM MEGAN VIII


Anyone who is still of the opinion that high-end speakers have to be the size of a telephone box should take a look at the AURUM Megan VIII, as it will immediately prove them wrong! This speaker combines linearity, precision and dynamics like no other compact sound transducer. In addition to this, it also captivates with an exemplary pulse fidelity, which should make it equally interesting to sophisticates as well as rock fans. Another Pro: It's a bargain, which Quadral asks for this superbly finished and exclusively outfitted speaker and is just 1,298 euros for a pair!”

Test verdict 06/2014
Top class

(translated by quadral)

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