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TITAN is the name of a range

of speakers that continually bring new dimensions to the listening experience and has done so for longer than 30 years. The characteristics inherent in every TITAN speaker are the merging of traditional and innovative technologies as part of the continual advancement in the world of sound quality. More than ever before the new, highly impressive TITAN VIII embodies the claim of its designers – to create a speaker that is as close to ideal as possible.

The TITAN VIII, which is accomplished in both style and tone, is now thrilling experts as well as HiFi experts, who are heaping praise on the eight generation of our TITAN range. The new TITAN speakers have attained an overwhelming high-end platform with previously unobtainable clarity, detail and acoustic colours together with sheer, unthinkable dynamics and unequalled sovereignty. Its musical intensity and fervour are both extraordinary and poignant.

The TITAN VIII’s exceptional status is the result of numerous technical innovations and optimisations. The ribbon-tweeter has been completely re-developed according to the principles of a real ribbon loudspeaker: Its gossamer and feather-like membrane is in close contact with two hugely powerful neodymium magnetic blocks. The membrane is somewhat finer as compared to its predecessor and it can clearly handle greater ranges and it is so effectively damped at the rear that this ribbon speaker reproduces astounding music and the finest tone details with phenomenal ease!

Another positive contribution to the excellent capabilities is the effect that the sophisticated AURUM ALTIMA® membranes have on the woofer and mid-range tones. The TITAN mid-range tones provide undreamed of power reserves yet they still optimally reproduce the warmth of the voice coils. The fusing of the three aluminium, titanium and magnesium light-metals makes it possible to bundle the inevitable resonances at the higher tones. The two immensely powerful 26 cm woofers are the perfect supplement to the pure acoustic sound that has been realised through unsurpassed dynamics and acoustic colour.

The sophisticated pressure chamber bass reflex design of the casing enables both sides of the woofer membrane to be at the same air resistance and this ensures that a completely symmetric oscillation can be realised and this increases tone neutrality. The reduced membrane movement also enables profound and pleasant bass tones to be reproduced.

Specially chosen components have been used in the TITAN VIII’s frequency separating filter in order to ensure that every possible tone improvement has been implemented. This has been split so that woofer and medium high tones do not interact. Real Cable®, which is used for the special internal cabling, reduces the ohmic and skin effects as well as inductive losses.

Technical Data:

Design principle:pressure chamber/bass
Nominal/music power (W):300/500 W
Frequency response (Hz):16...65.000 Hz
Crossover frequency (Hz):250/2.700 Hz
Efficiency (dB/1W/1m):90 dB
Impedance (Ohm):4...8
Tweeter:Aluminium ribbon
Midrange:170 mm Ø ALTIMA®
Woofer:2x260 mm Ø ALTIMA®
Maße (H x B x T) in cm:139 x31 x 57.85 cm
Weight in kg:88 kg

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Reviews and Awards:, Czech Republic, June 6, 2014

„So how good are these Quadral Titan VIII? Stunning… Demanding. But also rich and full of great musical moments. If you put them in space large enough to proove their dynamic capabilities, if you let them stand freely in the room as far from the walls as possible and if you equip them with powerful and stable high-end electronics, they will reward you with universal talent. Of course you shouldn´t expect monitor sound, also don´t wait for quiet, chamber listening – this you can achieve with something else. But if you desce unrepeatable move to the goal, if you wish dense, powerful, colorful and unbelievably rich atmosphere, if you want to feel very realistic proportions of the instruments and if you want to feel impressed by the pressure and the airiness of the sound, also if you like to enjoy fun combined with clarity and absolute control, the eighth generation of Titan should be great for you. Once they play the first tune, you´ll forget there´s slightly too much bass and treble, that even the chamber music and quiet jazz has so much power it´s strange and that making these to play silent is like wanting a Rolling Stones gig to be calm and quiet. In context of contemporary prices and trends, the Titan VIII are also reasonably priced. So, let yourself be amazed, because these speakers are really amazing!“

(translated by quadral)

The original review can be found here

Lawrence Mittler: AURUM TITAN VIII

Home Cinema Choice UK, issue 227, 2013

AURUM 5.2 Surround Set


"All-round proposition

Even without the sort of extensive and careful tuning-to-taste that you'd undoubtedly give a system like this, its excellence shone through during my audition. The Quadrals worked well on quite "normal" (as against exotic) front-end electronics and amplification - their high sensitivity helps - and are beautifully made to offer a real sense of pride in ownership.

Simply put, if you are looking to make a cinema room where a movie's monsters sound terrifyingly real, yet still have its score move you to gentle tears, then these top-end cabinets are one serious proposition. They offer an amazing all-round performance that will impress anyone at any listening level from sensible to apocalyptic, and offer a wonderful, near holosonic ability to place detail and convey emotion.

This is a true reference system of clever design, beautiful execution and, dare I say it, good value for the first-class level of performance it provides. The front floorstanders may be unfeasibly large, and the centre and rears are hardly small, but there's no aguing with the system's sonic delivery."